Who Are We?

Joe Grefenstette is the founder and sole employee of Greftech Inc.  He earned his bachelors in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech.  His love for technology and problem solving coupled with his outgoing personality made consulting a natural fit for him.  Joe spent two years working for Accenture before working for Acumen Solutions for six and a half years.  His attention to detail and technical skills continue to set him apart as a high performing IT professional.  Joe has his Salesforce.com Developer certification and has been implementing salesforce.com applications for over six years. 

This is what we do

Greftech Inc.’s main focus is salesforce.com.  Joe has invaluable experience designing and rolling out enterprise applications for some of the federal governments largest salesforce.com projects.  His roles have included technical architect, development team lead, senior developer, and configuration specialist.  Joe has experience implementing the following types of applications on the Force.com platform: call centers, CRM applications, project management applications, student information systems and correspondence management applications.  If you are trying to implement a new application to improve your business and you have chosen the Salesforce platform, Greftech can help you reach your goals.  Whether your application requires custom apex and visualforce development or is a more straight forward out of the box implementation that requires more configuration, Joe has the expertise and experience required to make that implementation a success. 

This is our story

Greftech Inc. was founded in the spring of 2014 by Joe Grefenstette.  After working as a consultant for over eight years and specifically as a salesforce.com consultant for over six years Joe set out on his own.  As an independent consultant specializing in salesforce.com application design and development Joe has the time and flexibility to continue to hone his craft while dedicating individual care and attention to each of his clients.  Greftech Inc exists to help clients achieve their goals by providing excellent, efficient, and ethical consulting services.  Greftech Inc accomplishes this by implementing proven industry best practices and relying on extensive experience with the Salesforce platform.